Daily Flight Schedule

Flights times SUN, MON, WED, THU, FRI

Flight  Destination Time
#4261 ESC-DTW DEPART: 6:30 AM
#4300 DTW-ESC ARRIVE: 3:59 PM
#4231 ESC-MSP DEPART: 4:47 PM
#4335 MSP-ESC ARRIVE:10:31 PM

Flight times: TUES, SAT

Flight  Destination  Time
#4261 ESC-DTW DEPART: 6:30 AM
#4300 DTW-ESC ARRIVE:10:28 PM

Note: Flight schedules may change with little notice. For the most accurate flight schedules please check with each individual airline)

Delta Airlines

Local Desk (906) 789-5654

All Jet Service

ESC - Escanaba - Delta County Airport, Escanaba, MI
DTW - Detroit - Detroit Metro - Wayne County, Detroit, MI